There are two kinds of applied cooling equipment, the closed circuit, and the open circuit. Both systems provide similar results and thus it’s essential for you to know how they function and what makes them distinctive from each other. 

Closed-circuit cooling tower 

This type of cooling tower design keeps any immediate contact between water and the air or the used glycol mixture. Two fluids are utilized, one is to allow the warm water to flow and the next one is a tube bundle. If the water undergoes the tube bundle, it will cool down with the air that’s produced by the fans. 

The cooling tower’s size will be depending on the requirement. The utilized materials in its making are different as well. The utilized conventional materials during the process of manufacturing are woods, plastic, and stainless steel. Although the majority of the clients prefer choosing galvanized stainless steel since it comes with longevity and durability. 

Open circuit cooling towers 

In this method, warm water will be put into a fill. During this point, a fill provides a boosted surface area for the water and air to connect. This results in maximum evaporation and then followed by the acquired cold water within a basin, which is released to the condenser. And the procedure goes on and on. The heated air cannot reach into the cooling tower since it’s discharged.  

Tips to look for a trusted cooling tower manufacturer or exporter: 


Any cooling tower needs to be maintained properly. Regardless if you have set up a cooling tower from International Cooling Tower or you’ve reached your local cooling tower company, you have to see to it if the company looks promising when it comes to great maintenance services that they offer or not. Once a cooling tower won’t be properly maintained, then you can expect to have inevitable system errors.  

Inexpensive solution 

You need to request for the quotations of several companies. You don’t necessarily need to go along with a company that provides the most inexpensive deal, however, you must search for a mixture of reasonable price and quality service. 

Great installation services 

There are many manufactures you can find in the market. However, finding a company that has a reliable industry reputation and experience would be a great decision. Before you decide, you must at least inspect the company’s website and look for some reviews provided by their clients before. If you can read many positive reviews, you must request the service quotations.  

In conclusion, cooling towers function to stop your system from overheating. All industries require to have the right procedure of installing a cooling tower in order to keep your system flowing. Every cooling tower could be setup. Once you choose the mechanical draft cooling tower, expect to spend more than what you can expect from a natural draft cooling tower. Also, it is easy to look for a reliable manufacturer. You just have to consider the combination of proper after-sale service, quality, and cost.