When you hold an event at a hotel, chances are the audio-visual provider is also from the hotel or the venue you choose. However, there are reasons why you should hire an outside audio-visual provider for your event. 

  1. Point of contact 

The vital goal of hiring an outside audio-visual provider is through having a point of contact that is responsible to all the events you hold. If you are holding events at different hotels, chances are you are also dealing with different people each even because every hotel have their own audio-visual technicians. If you are concerned about the consistency of the success of your events, you should consider hiring an outside audio-visual provider that can handle everything for you and knows your wants and your style. This means that even if you’re holding an event jumping from one hotel to another, you are confident that the presentation is just the way you want it to be. 

  1. The same go-to crew every single time 

Since you are dealing with the same people, you are probably more knowledgeable now on who is the expert of each certain area of expertise. Through this, you only need the manager to handle the talk and you know that the work is attained successfully and the issue or problem is solved. 

  1. Dedicated Team 

Hotels can hold a lot of events. Don’t expect that you’ll be treated like a VIP all the time because in a hotel everyone’s a VIP and handling a lot of VIPs can take a toll on quality of service. If you need a certain equipment in your event, sometimes it is being used in other events, this can really give you a headache. Hiring an outside av crew for your events can let you have a dedicated team for your needs every single event you hold. 

  1. Pricing 

If you have a dedicated team, you exactly know the cost to pay for their service. Having different hotels handle your audio-visual needs for you can be costly and erratic. Different hotels hold different pricing and this can take a toll on your budget for every event you have. Imagine comparing that to paying exactly the same everywhere you are holding an event, you can definitely save up more. 

  1. Invoice Shock 

After holding an event, your invoice must not shock you like your electricity bill does. Having a dedicated team takes away this dilemma of invoice shock because you have the same amount of payment every single time compared to hotels that adds extra costs all the time. Sometimes we are not aware enough of the extra costs when we are at hotels because almost everything is paid for.  

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